Trade Marketing Specialist





Lenguas necesarias Español, Inglés, Catalán

País: Spain

Categoría: Marketing y comunicación

We are looking for a Trade Marketing Specialist in order to manage and implement commercial campaigns at point of sale (promotional actions, product presentation and advertising) improving the commercial kpi's of the retail channel and the customer's shopping experience.


The main functions of this role are:

  • Implement the Trade Marketing strategy together with Management aligned with the Marketing Department's strategy.
  • Pilot the tactical campaigns worldwide in the retail channel with a plan of commercial dynamics in order to improve the level of sales of the company.
  • Coordinate between the internal areas of the Marketing Department for the correct implementation of the campaigns (graphic design of materials, communication materials, visual decoration and point of sale materials).
  • Ensure the creation of point of sale materials necessary for each campaign and adapt the materials according to the countries.
  • Implement actions at the point of sale according to the objective to be covered: improve commercial kpi's (promote traffic to point of sale, billing, etc.), or give visibility to the store.
  • Manage the budget of your area of ​​management or geographical responsibility.
  • Relationship with the local partner to agree on Marketing Plans, budget and Retail Calendar.
  • Negotiate with the partner for the implementation of commercial actions in the country according to needs.
  • Develop the plan to open new stores: opening event and next commercial actions during the following year.
  • Plan the gadgets and promotions that will be made according to the annual marketing plan, as well as calculate your costs.
  • Prepare reports on the actions taken with conclusions for future campaigns.


 Desired profile with:

  • University Degree in Marketing, Business Administration or International Trade, complemented by Master or postgraduate or specialization course.
  • Min 3 years' experience leading commercial campaigns in the fashion/retail industry.
  • High Level of English / B2.
  • Communication and negotiation skills.
  • High knowledge of the Office package (Excel and Power Point).